college 1

College life is over!!!!…..But when reminded of the days fill me with excitement and in

numerous memories. It seems as if it was yesterday when we started off with the journey.

With lot of fear in heart and hesitation in mind started the day with the induction programme.

Restraining ourselves from a short nap and glancing at the watch every minute, difficult to

hold back on the chair……were like mundane misery for all.

It was only when the fun started and we became aware of the live college life. Project reviews

to campus interviews……nicknames to last bench games……cultural rehearsals to classroom

blushes is all fresh in our mind. Those OMT’s and picnic……those industrial and those NDA

visits gave a lot to learn and of course an’ assignment to write’.

Finally it was time to set ourselves in motion, the reason of us being here. We cracked and

climbed….finally moved to our destinations. Everything is fresh in our mind, wish life could

just rewind!!!!Lets laugh, play and rejoice; once again become college guys. Today life is full

of commitments and worries but those cherished moments will leave forever in our memories.


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