Down the Memory Lane


Suhani Bachani (2012-14)

As I smile  with my colleagues  enjoying  this yummy chocolate  sandwich  for a few moments  my mind  travels back  to. Those days in hostel ,  the 100’s of time we went to fc just to have that sandwich,  the way we fought  on the last bite…..

Time has moved on a lot since then… Late night movies have now become  late night  presentations,  once  a free bird now a tamed Creature,  responsibilities do have a  way to set roots  to a person…

But then again I realise  even though the wheel of  time has moved,  the sweetness the memories  still remain  unhampered..they say we all have  a time  machine,  dreams to travel to the future and memories to travel to the past…. It was a place where  I made some of the most beautiful  memories and also where  I learnt  the best ways to achieve my dreams…

In my heart I say Long live Iiebm…. Thanks  for teaching  the art of how and when…though  now time has passed ….. The lessons shall always last…

And now I come back to reality as soon as I see my watch,  time to get back to my desk… Although  A smile  comes to my face remembering how once I needed  whistle  to be on time and now  myself my way I find..


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