The Evolution of Design Thinking…

Design Thinking

Design Thinking evolves around a vast process of creating a design and then changing it according to the customer requirements.It is the human – centered approach to innovation that is drawn by the designer for meeting the needs of customers backed by the ability of inculcating the expectations and making a product which is  meeting all expectations at one place.

As everyone has a different perception which mechanically leads to inaccessible solution for the unraveling doubt. Here, a design thinker has to generate an idea where a product is meeting the presumptions of the public.


An engineer and the owner of a business empire has to construct a product to untangle the agony and a good designer makes it accessible for the customers while complimenting the phrase ‘Agony precedes ecstasy’.

Steven Paul Jobs an American businessman best known for the CEO of Apple Inc.  is the best example of design thinking. He started a company in his parents garage and built his first product Apple || which changed computing all around the world after that  the next product LISA was a big failure due to 10 000 $ price tag. But his consistent innovation introduced a new product named Macintosh which again flourished in the market creating a bigger impact on the world. And then after a small interval jobs again came back in the market with his new product named IMac . The design was a radical departure from the Macs of old which helped Apple regain its footing with high-margin consumers. Meanwhile competitors like Microsoft came into the market, but the innovative thinker Steve Jobs came with a new product called Ipod in which music was stored and it was very beneficial for the world market as it helped reducing the rate of piracy also. This way he kept on meeting the requirements and expectations of the consumers.’ People don’t know what they want until we show them ‘ This was the motto followed by him which changed the world

The design thinking includes identifying the need then defining it in simpler terms and finally fabricating one idea then generating one prototype and eventually testing on the consumers.

As the mission of design thinking is to translate observation into insights and insights into products and services that will improve lives.



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