The Most Important Factor’s Influencing an Organisation


The Most Important Factor’s Influencing an Organisation

Human Resource -Any organisation is synchronically defined by its

human resource, an important aspect which determines the hierarchy of

the firm. Human Resource Management is the factor that any organisation

gives the most crucial strategic implementation. Starting right from the

basic process of selecting and recruiting workforce and employees, the

basic purpose of a human resource manager is to adhere to the laws of the

organisation and selecting the best possible workforce with utmost

suitable potential , as per needed by the demands of the firm. There must

be a proper balance between the required number of employees and the

total number of employees as per determined by the strategist of the

concern in a particular financial year.

Employees may be outsourced from several windows like advertisements

in newspapers ,televisions, relatives of the present employees, ex-

employees of the other concerns etc. With a proper process of transforming

them by placing them in the process of selecting-recruiting-training-

directing-motivating & then placing them as per their potentiality and


THE STRATEGIC LEVEL : Is the level which is regarded as the most

important level in any organisation, composed of mainly top level


acts as the heart for the concern which formulates the policies , rules ,

norms, procedures to be implemented in the lower levels. It co-ordinates

the management as a whole.

Management- After acquiring the right work-persons the second process

that the concern enters into is managing the organisation with integrating

the potentials of the persons hired. The basic function of management is to

planning, organising, directing, staffing ,co-ordinating, organising &

budgeting ie. PODSCORB if it has to be abbreviated. The most crucial

objective of a concern is to implement “management” in the best possible

way of implementation as per directed by the top most hierarchy of the


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